Data Cabling

Rapid internet and network performance is not merely determined by a high-priced monthly package and a cutting-edge router. Unfortunately, there are many buildings out that have dated phone cabling that is simply not ready to cope with the data demands that we expect today. Fortunately, you can find an effective solution when your turn to North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) for data cabling services.


Here for All Clients

NCFS is your best option for data cabling if your premises are situated within the Mid North Coast region of Australia. From our Wauchope facility, we are constantly working to improve the standard of data cabling for our clients. You, too, can benefit whether your organisation is focused on domestic, commercial or industrial interests.


Custom Solutions

Every organisation and its premises have unique requirements that impact their situation. For instance, the layout and materials of a building can mean that wireless internet access is poor. In this case, NCFS can improve your communication by recommending the installation of optical fibre to boost network speed.


Affordable Options

NCFS understands that every organisation has unique requirements, especially when it comes to budget. For this reason, NCFS will have a clear discussion about what your organisation wants to invest in data cabling. This will enable us to recommend a realistic solution at the first attempt. Naturally, there can be tweaking required, but we always know how to meet our clients’ needs.



Ask us about data cabling simply by calling 02 6585 3800.