Data & Communication Services

North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) has the capabilities to help your organisation enhance its data and communication services in a number of ways. NCFS has assisted many Mid North Coast organisations to improve the data and communication infrastructure of their residential, industrial and residential buildings. Discover more details below.


Data Cabling

Optical fibre and data cabling can transform your communication network by increasing both speed and reliability. Each building presents a fresh set of circumstances that could potentially hinder the performance of a wireless network. Therefore, it is vital to identify the ideal solution for your organisation.


Your experience of working with NCFS will be a collaborative process that leaves you with a superb solution that also respects your budget. With 7 licensed cablers, our specialists can meet personally with you to inspect your premises and start to plan the perfect solution to boost your data performance.


Phone Systems

The internet has evolved the way we communicate, but email will never eliminate our need to speak to each other. There will always be times when conversations are vital in making key decisions. For those moments, you can trust NCFS to provide dependable phone systems for your organisation.


NCFS has a partnership that lets us provide clients with highly functional NEC phone systems. There is a range of models available for all types of budget. You can simply tell us your budget and a member of the team will recommend the ideal options. Installation can then be recommended on a date that suits your organisation.



Improve your communication by calling us today on 02 6585 3800.