Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) has delivered fire alarm services since 1990. Businesses and organisations from throughout the Mid North Coast region have depended on NCFS to improve the fire safety for their commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Investment in high-quality fire alarm and detection systems is never a risk.


Tailored Fire Safety Solutions

NCFS has worked with all types of facilities, helping to improve the fire safety of day care centres, schools, shops, offices, factories, aged care and health facilities. Any organisation that works with NCFS can expect a tailored solution that is designed to meet their needs and fit within budget. However, safety is always the ultimate concern in our projects.


Creating Your Optimal Solution

Working with NCFS is a clear process in which you start by telling us your budget and exact requirements. NCFS specialists can then visit your premises to perform an in-depth analysis of the building. After this step, the specialists can then devise the optimal setup. The Next step is to complete the installation quickly and effectively without disruption.


Emergency Lighting Systems

Your premises need these lighting systems in case an emergency strikes from nowhere. NCFS has emergency lighting systems that will activate if your main power supply or lighting suddenly fails. Emergency lighting will let your customers and staff members exit the premises safely. Talk to NCFS and you can discuss your emergency preparations with a fire safety expert today.


Expert Fire Training

Having a fire alarm is only the first step. Your designated personnel need specialist training to learn exactly how to operate your detection system. Knowing the intricacies of your system will help your staff members to make the premises safer. NCFS can come to your premises and train your staff to cope with the various challenges they might encounter.


Superb Aftercare

NCFS then provides a complete service by delivering a range of vital aftercare systems for all fire alarm and detection systems. The fact that we have installed your system means that our experts can perform testing, maintenance and certification to ensure that everything meets Australia’s rigorous fire safety standards.



NCFS is here to help any Mid North Coast organisation improve its fire safety. Call today on 02 6585 3800 to talk about your fire alarm solution.


Fire Protection Association Member Number 4796.