Fire Extinguisher Testing & Inspections

No element of a fire protection system can be overlooked, including fire extinguishers. These devices have saved countless lives and have helped to prevent small fires from growing to claim entire buildings. This is why you need North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) to perform regular fire extinguisher testing to ensure that your building is the safest it can possibly be.


Rigorous Fire Extinguisher Testing

NCFS is situated in Wauchope and can test fire extinguishers all through the Mid North Coast region. Many businesses and organisations have depended on our rigorous testing since NCFS opened in 1983. You can turn to us for all types of building, including domestic, commercial and industrial. NCFS can offer competitive rates to cover all of your testing needs for the years to come. Licensed Pressure Testing Station Number 679.


Highly Experienced Testers

From a legal standpoint, all organisations and businesses are required to have their testing performed by highly trained experts. Decades of testing fire extinguishers in schools, factories and offices have given us the experience needed to spot issues that others cannot.


Ready for Any Emergency

By working with the experts of NCFS, you will benefit from having a partner that will perform necessary testing and maintenance to guarantee that your fire extinguishers are ready to perform in the event of an emergency. Fire is a deadly mistake that organisations cannot afford to learn from. Inadequate testing will only place lives at risk.



To arrange your fire extinguishers testing or ispections call 02 6585 3800.

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