Fire Warden Training

At North Coast Fire & Security, we provide customised Fire Safety Training and Emergency Response Training to the Mid North Coast. We believe the threat of a crisis can be reduced substantially when people are trained to respond appropriately.

At North Coast Fire & Security, we specialise in developing Fire Safety Training and Emergency Response Training packages, tailored to your workplace and to national requirements. Whether you’re an occupant or owner of a building in Port Macquarie, Taree, Kempsey or Coffs Harbour, it is mandatory by law to ensure the safety of every person in the event of a fire or emergency situation.

Our range of fire safety training and emergency training courses provide real solutions to people and workplaces confronted with emergency situations. We can give your staff the confidence and skills to make the right decision, as well as act quickly in the event of a workplace fire.

At North Coast Fire & Security, our fire safety trainers can confidently guide your staff through practical theory, as well as hands on learning experiences.

On completion of our fire safety programs, you will become familiar with building-specific fire and emergency procedures, including the location of first response fire fighting equipment, manual alarm points, fire stairs and the evacuation assembly point. It is also expected that you will participate in a building evacuation drill on an annual basis.


Contact North Coast Fire & Security now on 02 6585 3800 to discuss how we can tailor a Fire Safety Training or Emergency Response Training package to suit you.