Phone Systems

The internet has transformed our existence, but phones are still vital for businesses and organisations all over the world. There are moments when a clear conversation is needed instead of an email exchange in which the tone of voice cannot be communicated. For this reason, North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) is here to meet your phone requirements.


Systems for the Mid North Coast

NCFS has an HQ in Wauchope that enables us to install business phone systems all over the Mid North Coast region. Organisations of all sizes can come to us for phone systems that can improve communication within commercial, industrial or domestic buildings. Scale is not an issue for NCFS, a company with more than 3,500 clients in the region.


Meeting Your Budget

Talking to our communication experts will give you the chance to clearly explain your requirements. By understanding your size, workforce and communication needs, it will then be possible to devise a solution that meets your budget. NCFS personnel can then arrange for the swift delivery and installation of your phone system. Our considerable expertise will make this process quick and un-intrusive.


NEC Phone Systems

To provide an elite service, NCFS needs to give you superb phone systems. For this reason, we supply high-quality NEC phone systems to install in your premises. You need to have a system that can connect your organisation during the most important moments.



Call 02 6585 3800 to speak to NCFS about phone systems for your organisation.