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North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) has the capabilities to help your organisation enhance its data and communication services in a number of ways. NCFS has assisted many Mid North Coast organisations to improve the data and communication infrastructure in their commercial, industrial and strata residential buildings. Discover more details below.

Data Cabling

Optical fibre and data cabling can transform your communication network by increasing both speed and reliability. Each building presents a fresh set of circumstances that could potentially hinder the performance of a wireless network. Therefore, it is vital to identify the ideal solution for your organisation.

Your experience of working with NCFS will be a collaborative process that leaves you with a superb solution that also respects your budget. With 7 licensed cablers, our specialists can meet personally with you to inspect your premises and start to plan the perfect solution to boost your data performance.

Phone Systems

The internet has evolved the way we communicate, but email will never eliminate our need to speak to each other. There will always be times when conversations are vital in making key decisions. For those moments, you can trust NCFS to provide dependable phone systems for your organisation.

NCFS has a partnership that lets us provide clients with highly functional TransTel (formally Hybrex) phone systems. There is a range of models available for all types of budget. You can simply tell us your budget and a member of the team will recommend the ideal options. Installation can then be recommended on a date that suits your organisation.

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Phone Systems

The internet has transformed our existence, but phones are still vital for businesses and organisations all over the world. There are moments when a clear conversation is needed instead of an email exchange in which the tone of voice cannot be communicated. For this reason, North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) is here to meet your phone requirements.

Systems for the Mid North Coast

NCFS has an HQ in Wauchope that enables us to install business phone systems all over the Mid North Coast region. Organisations of all sizes can come to us for phone systems that can improve communication within commercial, industrial or domestic buildings. Scale is not an issue for NCFS, a company with more than 1,600 clients in the region.

Meeting Your Budget

Talking to our communication experts will give you the chance to clearly explain your requirements. By understanding your size, workforce and communication needs, it will then be possible to devise a solution that meets your budget. NCFS personnel can then arrange for the swift delivery and installation of your phone system. Our considerable expertise will make this process quick and un-intrusive.

Phone Systems

To provide an elite service, NCFS needs to give you superb phone systems. For this reason, we supply high-quality TransTel (formally Hybrex) phone systems to install in your premises. You need to have a system that can connect your organisation during the most important moments.

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Data Cabling

Rapid internet and network performance is not merely determined by a high-priced monthly package and a cutting-edge router. Unfortunately, there are many buildings out that have dated phone cabling that is simply not ready to cope with the data demands that we expect today. Fortunately, you can find an effective solution when your turn to North Coast Fire & Security (NCFS) for data cabling services.

Here for All Clients

NCFS is your best option for data cabling if your premises are situated within the Mid North Coast region of Australia. From our Wauchope facility, we are constantly working to improve the standard of data cabling for our clients. You, too, can benefit whether your organisation is focused on domestic, commercial or industrial interests.

Custom Solutions

Every organisation and its premises have unique requirements that impact their situation. For instance, the layout and materials of a building can mean that wireless internet access is poor. In this case, NCFS can improve your communication by recommending the installation of optical fibre to boost network speed.

Affordable Options

NCFS understands that every organisation has unique requirements, especially when it comes to budget. For this reason, NCFS will have a clear discussion about what your organisation wants to invest in data cabling. This will enable us to recommend a realistic solution at the first attempt. Naturally, there can be tweaking required, but we always know how to meet our clients’ needs.
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Data Requirements Consultation

Choosing the right phone system or networking solution is critical to your businesses performance and North Coast Fire & Security can help you make the right choice with a no obligation Data Requirements Consultation. Simply complete the form below and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you shortly.

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